Breed a herd of functional, low maintenance cows with heifers that all calve at 2 year old and grow into moderate sized, thick, fleshy, easy calving, milky cows with great temperaments.


Generations of breeding, enhanced by embracing advances in modern technology, has allowed us to breed a herd delivering huge consistency and performance.

Easy Calving

Generations of consistent breeding and selection of easy calving families allows us to enjoy calving outside at grass, with calves that are easily born, growthy and thrive on grass.


Selection over generations for easy fleshing, thick cattle which thrive on forage based diets, enhancing fertility, soundness and longevity.


Low cost, low maintenance stock, reared in commercial conditions on upland and hill farms, which can hold flesh well into the winter and slash feed costs.


Utilising all available technological advances—including AI, ET, ultra-sound scanning, EBVs and genomics – has afforded us the opportunity to identify, select and multiply the best genetics available globally and ensures the optimal blend of predictable Angus genetics for efficiency and carcase quality to maximise herd marketability and profitability.