I am convinced that wool shedding genetics are part of the solution to profitable sheep production.


Wool shedding sheep cause us less work than any other breed I have worked with, whilst giving reasonable output within a low-cost system.

Cost Control

We have eliminated many of the costs associated with wool by reducing time spent checking sheep, eliminating shearing, and reducing flystrike and dagging to a minimum.


Population genetics - long term selection pressure for commercial traits within meaningful populations has allowed us to make rapid progress in breeding a fertile, prolific, easily lambed, wool shedding, maternal flock of ewes.


We lamb all wool shedding ewes outside at grass and only approximately 1% of ewes require lambing assistance.


Our Signet recorded Suffolks are lambed in April and run on grass with no creep.

All retained tup lambs are used for mating then sold as shearlings – all are in the top 10% for Terminal Sire Index.